A French Drain is a perforated pipe, surrounded with gravel that is under your property. The pipe acts as a sponge soaking up water so it can carry water from where you don’t want it to where you do using gravity.


Absolutely! As long as a French drain is installed properly using the correct fall, wrapped in a French drain Sock, and surrounded with gravel it works amazingly well. We know drainage and we get it right the first time.

Does it work?

"When it comes to drainage, fall is everything. At Gordon’s Lawn and Landscape, we use a level and check every inch of French Drain to make sure there is proper fall."

-Dan Gordon      

What is a French drain?

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Gordon’s Lawn and Landscape has been solving Johnson County Drainage problems since 1998. We use the latest technology in French, Catch basin, and Downspout drains to solve your drainage problem. Dan Gordon (The owner) personally checks every French drain for proper installation.